Weizheng group is located in guangde county economic development zone, anhui province, at the junction of three provinces and eight cities.Under the special mode of "guangde advantage, wenzhou spirit, shenzhen experience, kunshan culture", the company develops vigorously.Actively build PCB recycling economy industrial chain, industry involves: printed circuit board, sewage treatment plant, comprehensive utilization of hazardous waste, testing and research and development center, etc.

Yuan Shengqiao

Anhui weizheng photoelectric technology co., LTD., guangde east China electronic circuit development CO., LTD. Chairman

General consultant of "China guangde electronic circuit industrial park"

Environmental engineer

Anhui province "outstanding socialist builder", xuancheng city "annual economic figure", guangde county "ten outstanding youth"

Member of the standing committee of guangde county people's congress

President of guangde zhejiang chamber of commerce

Member of standing committee of China printed circuit committee

Han Xiudong

Chairman of anhui oasis hazardous waste comprehensive utilization CO. LTD

One of the founders of "China guangde electronic circuit industrial park"

50 "star enterprises" in xuancheng

Deputy to the third and fourth people's congresses of xuancheng

Member of anhui youth federation

The first anhui province "excellent overseas Chinese businessman"

"March eighth flag-bearer" in anhui province, "leading technical talents" in anhui province

In 1993

Set up wenzhou kang positron co. LTD

In 2010

Established anhui guangdeweizheng photoelectric technology CO., LTD

In 2010

Guangde county will establish guangde electronic circuit industrial park as the leading industry in the development zone

In 2013

Guangde huadong electronic circuit co., LTD. (PCB industrial park sewage treatment plant)

In 2015

18/5000 Anhui electronic circuit testing center and science and technology building completed

In 2016

Anhui oasis solid waste comprehensive utilization co., LTD. Put into operation

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