Anhui GuangDe is photoelectric technology co., LTD

Anhui GuangDe is photoelectric technology co., LTD is committed to PCB's research and development, production, sales and after-sales service, products include: single panel, double panel, sandwich plate and other three series and LED photoelectric products. Product categories are: lead-free tin plate, gold plate, OSP board, etc. Company's total investment amount of 150 million yuan, the factory covers an area of 23000 ㎡, factory building area of 18000 ㎡, currently employs over 300 people. Has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, and the product has won the United States, Canada, UL certification, ROHS testing and detection of the REACH regulation. Products are widely used in: the new energy charging pile, construction machinery, household appliances, smart phones, and other fields.

  • 300

    Number of employees

  • 1.5

    The total investment amount is 150 million yuan

  • 23,000

    The total area of the factory is 23,000m2

  • 40,000

    Factory planning capacity 40,000m2 / month

  • 18,000

    The plant area is 18,000m2

Anhui GuangDe is photoelectric technology co., LTD

The company has large-scale production of existing products and new products of independent research and development ability, has the independent core technology, internal PCB r&d centers have been completed, the main task is to develop special products for specific customers, at the same time for enterprises to develop professional engineering and technical personnel, and cooperation with foreign companies to introduce advanced technology and high-end equipment.

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