Congratulations to the 115 industry innovation team

On April 22, guangde county held the talent special fund launch and the second batch of top talent, innovation team, post-doctoral research station commendation conference. The meeting held the launching ceremony of guangde county talent special fund, honored 15 "guangde county second batch of top talents", and honored anhui guangdeweizheng photoelectric technology co., LTD., the province's "115" industrial innovation team.  


"115" industrial innovation team by anhui provincial party committee organization department, the province development and reform commission, the provincial economic commission, the provincial department, organization of human affairs hall, the main task is, from 2006 in 5 years time, carrying the important project "861" plan of action, has obvious competitive advantage of enterprises and institutions, the construction of 100 or so "industry innovation team", employing about 100 "innovation team leader" and about 500 "leader assistant", concentrating on key industry projects in the "861" plan of action research, new product research and development of science and technology and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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